Ania Safko is a Ukrainian visual artist residing in the Texas Hill Country, which became her second home after the occupation of Crimea in 2014. In her work she strives to share the moments of interconnectedness she finds in landscapes with others, who might sense the entire web of life, past and present, and, if for a brief moment, feel afloat in a river of human and non-human beings flowing from here to there. Ania tends a garden on the shallow soils of the Edwards Plateau and bakes bread for Ukraine.


2019 - 2021 - University of Texas at Austin, MFA Candidate in Photography


2023 - The Remaining Time, Shed Shows, Austin, TX

2021 - small refusals, MFA thesis exhibition, Visual Arts Center, Austin, TX.

2019 - Good Strong Handshake, Visual Arts Center, Austin, TX.

2018 - Displaced, Contact Sheet Gallery, Sydney, Australia.


Fall 2022 - Artist-in-residence at Wild Basin Creative Research Center, Austin, TX


2021 - small refusals: Virtual Gallery Talk at Visual Arts Center, Austin

2020 - San Francisco Walkative with the RCA Walkative Society

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